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TURNOMAT was purchased September 2010 by PROVIDENT TOOL & DIE, INC. and moved from Farmington, NY to Wakarusa, in northwest Indiana. TURNOMAT is now operated as a Division of PROVIDENT TOOL & DIE, INC. We have overcome many obstacles in moving and restarting the company, have employed three new technicians, and added several pieces of equipment including another CNC mill. Also, we are impatiently waiting to break ground for our new addition. Our inventory levels have increased dramatically, particularly for the BUS 625 (SQ), BUR 625 (Round), BUS 1000, BUS 1500 models, also finished shafts for these models are in stock, just need to be cut to length. Drilled & Tapped to your specifications if needed. Replacement Gibs & Wipers for all models are in stock.

Contact Turnomat Today! We will provide you with new fixed linear motion bearings or slides or we can provide parts to replace older models.