Ancient Greeks Believed Atlas Held Up the Heavens


Reality is that our HDBP500 Recirculating Ball Linear Bearings Are Super Strong

They have the dynamic load capacity to hold and move (4) F-150 6.2L V-8 super cab trucks stacked on top of one another. Rated with a dynamic load capacity of 26,400 lbs., it’s a beast!

So let’s go the other direction… something much smaller that still handles a lot. With a physical size of about 3/16″ thick x 1″ W x 1 3/4″ L, our BP or GSP625’s can handle up to 270 lbs. over and over again!

Before you read on, please review the many other Turnomat bearings we have provided to operations involving mining, food packaging, machine building, aircraft maintenance and many more … in every corner of the world over the last half century!

BP2500BB-WThe capacity of the HDBP500 is made possible by the series design (both the smaller 375 and the 500) and the component materials. The HDBP series Turnomat ball plates are “similar” to our lighter weight mountable BP and GSP625-2500 series in design with the main differences being the diameter of the rolling balls within the units and degree of ball contact to their “gib” or base plate paths .. i.e. their “osculation factor”. These radial “paths” are are heat treated to a hardness of 58-63 Rockwell C to a depth of 0.060 inches .. all ground to a finish of 8-20 RMS. In addition to the load bearing capacity, another advantage of the HDBP series is that the clearances between the tangential bearing contact surface to the load and the “race plate” (component to assist in retaining the balls in their respective tracks), are much greater than in our 625-2500 “BP or GSP” series. This additional clearance provides more flexibility in the specifications for flatness and parallelism of the rolling assemblies.

When the need for extreme dynamic load capacity is your requirement, then our HDBP series is a fit; however, if you don’t need the “extreme” load capacity, then a BP unit of comparable footprint size might be for you? Our mountable BP2500BB-W bearing, for instance, has a similar width and OAL to the HDBP500 but with smaller diameter balls (less ball to race plate clearance). At a fraction of the cost, less than 1/3 that of the HDBP500 and having a 2580 lb. dynamic load capability, the BP2500BB-W is a great bargain if the requirements are a fit! See above for a visual size comparison.

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