What’s New: A Refinement of the Turnomat Process

What’s New: A Refinement of the Turnomat Process

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I must apologize for the delay in updating our progress here at Turnomat. We have been busy and time seems to slip away faster than one would like.

I am proud to say that in the 4 years that Turnomat has been under new ownership/management and new location, we have had no complaints from our customers regarding either quality of product or on time delivery. I attribute the lion’s share of this to a refinement of the Turnomat process and heavier reliance on CNC equipment. This improved repeat-ability and reduced cycle times, allowing us to significantly increase our component inventory resulting in our ability to ship standard product “off the shelf” in most cases.

Our customer base has grown significantly as well, with becoming repeat purchasers. Turnomat products are being used in countries throughout the world (14 as of this date), by manufacturers and processors of all types as well as universities, the U.S. Dept. of Defense, the Dept. of the Navy, and the Dept. of Energy. Among the many applications for our products have been:

  • DT 1000 and Ram Assemblies for devices which aid in the balancing of F-15 Control Surfaces (wings, tail flaps, etc.)
  • DT 1000 and BUS 2000 series with Rams for processing at several large U.S. nuclear facilities.
  • Hundreds of BUS 625’s and 1000’s being used in processing equipment for a number of companies in the textile and food packaging industries.
  • Scores of the BUS 1500 series being used by wire processors in Georgia (U.S.), South Korea and Sweden. These units are also being used heavily in the wood pulp and paper industries.
  • BUR 1000 series (Round Housings) are being used in municipal water filtration and reclamation enterprises.
  • BUS 1000 units are being utilized in door open/close mechanisms for large industrial safety cabinets.
  • Our BUS 1500 series systems are being used in several mining applications domestically, as well as in Chile and Vietnam.
  • *(1)

To this date Turnomat has been the linear bearing of choice for all of these applications as well as supplying pharmaceutical, beverage, paint manufacturers and specialized machinery fabricators. As we also work through numerous supply houses, many of the additional applications are unknown to us.

Hopefully this gives a brief insight into where our products are being used – maybe it gives a hint as to whether they would be of value to you in your project or process. Review our specifications on this website and give us a call. We would love to hear from you!

*(1) Our most recent “application” is for a prototype high-speed, automated UAV launcher utilizing our BUS 1000 with Turcite Bearings.