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After purchasing the Turnomat business in the fall of 2010, we were able to bring current all past orders that had been lingering for nearly a full year. Since that time, we have shipped product to over half of our 50 states domestically and 10 countries internationally. We currently have a large inventory of our most popular components, including square and dovetail rams, our standard ball bearing linearslides and their square or round housings. Typical orders for most products are shipped either from stock or with minimal lead times.

We have gone from primarily manufacturing components via solid fixturing to CNC modular methods allowing us improved repeat-ability, productivity and flexibility. All improving the quality of the various elements of the product..

Last year we added a CNC milling center, as well as an expanded capacity auto feed 16X40 surface grinder allowing increased square and dovetail ram stock lengths in addition to added productivity advantages. We have just recently purchased 2 additional CNC milling centers to handle the process advancements.

Projects under current R&D review are a much smaller “500” (0.500 in. sq.) BUS series with a unique ball plate configuration and a servo/synchro system adaption for the current dovetail linear slide series.

Those of you have visited the Turnomat website in past years will note that in the last few months we have gone through a major site improvement program. We will continue to update the site as we progress with our expansion.

As always: All materials … all labor … all support … comes from right here in the U.S.A!