What’s New: Significant Increase in Grind Length Capacity in 2015 and Much More

What’s New: Significant Increase in Grind Length Capacity in 2015 and Much More

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Favretto Rebuild

In the past few years Turnomat has had requests for shafting lengths in excess of the 39 inch capacity that we had upon purchasing the operation from its prior owner, 5 years ago.

In order to make such shafts available we had to rely on outside contractors which led to increased turnaround times as well as higher per inch prices. It also ran contrary to our desire to maintain in house control of our products .. both from the position of delivery times and overall costs, and from the inherent quality control we could maintain performing most operations in our facility.

As a result, we began searching for a piece of equipment that would give us a minimum of 5 ft. grind length capacity late in 2014. In April of 2015 we found a 3 headed Favretto TC-200 way grinder that had a 20 inch X 80 inch magnetic base capacity that was in salvageable condition, but needed a lot of TLC. We purchased the grinder in May after a brief visit to do an initial review of its condition.

The photos attached give some clarity as to the progression of the project, but needless to say… the repairs were extensive, requiring a lot of patience, trial and error ( Italian 1970 machine with interconnected mechanical/electrical and hydraulic controls … all with very little documentation available). After a number of weeks of cleaning, scraping, testing, repairing and painting, our Favretto grinder was ready to put to the test and it worked well right from the start. We now have OAL capacity for our Turnomat shafting of 79 inches as well as additional job shop grinding potential for our parent company, Provident T&D.

Please note, the “before and after” still photos and slide show for the Favretto as well as a video of a recent job requiring the redressing of a 1.000 inch radius on a tool that was 69 inches in length. Click here to view our Favretto Rebuild page.

Also, our HDBP-500 advertised in both the March and April 2015 issues of “Manufacturing News”, has not only had a major process improvement change to the tracking system increasing the load capacity, but has allowed us to provide a 33% reduction in the cost of it’s production which we are passing along to our customers.