What’s New with Turnomat? March 2013

What’s New with Turnomat? March 2013

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First, the additional building is done and fully operational giving Turnomat the much needed room for expansion and the two additional CNC mills with 4th axis capability are up and running. These will help immensely with our quest to improve cycle times and inventory enhancement, which is already increased dramatically since moving this business to northwestern Indiana.

Turnomat has decided to begin working with an independent sales representative to try to garner more local business in the midwestern region of the U.S. A large share of our domestic activity seems to be located on the east and west coasts and our southern regions. We feel that “one to one” contact of this nature will help to better explain the exciting possibilities of our products.

We have added Pay Pal, as well as all major credit cards for our customers convenience and many have been taking advantage of this benefit.

As a “value added” quality improvement to our bearing housing line (at no additional cost), we have decided to have all of the BUS and DT series (Aluminum construction) coated with Type II anodizing for improved wear and environmental compatibility. We will be supplying these as soon as our current stock has been depleted and offer this coating in, as Henry Ford put it “ any color you want … as long as it’s black”! Actually, colors would be available, but at additional cost and special lead times.

We have added 2 new countries since last October to our international list of purchasers, with the addition of Sweden and Italy! This brings us to 11 countries outside of the the U.S. that are using Turnomat products!

Once again, I would remind you all that we would love to hear from you as to what your uses of our products are. Photos, videos, or just a short line that we could share with others who might have a similar need. We feel that the Turnomat product is very unique in the industrial world and has great potential that is, as yet, untapped!