Why Turnomat?

What If Anything, Might Cause One to Choose Turnomat Over Other Linear Bearings?

  • Durability
  • Axial / Torsional Stability (Square or Trapezoidal Geometry of Shafting)
  • Load Bearing Capacity Relative to Size ­ Especially in the HD Series
  • With the Recirculating Ball Design Bearings : Minimal Inertia Required for Linear Motion
  • Adjustable Running Clearances in Both Our Recirculating Ball Type Bearings as well as our Turcite Versions
  • Fixed Housings Can Be Refitted With New Bearing Sets (Maintenance and Cost Savings)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • For Established Customers: Replacements for Existing Design
  • Turcite Versions Great for Low Speed and Heavy Load in Dirty / Abrasive and/or Rough Environment
  • Our Turcite and Ball Type Linear Bearings are Interchangeable Within Their Respective Housings… If you currently use one of our recirculating ball systems and feel that a Turcite might be better for your environment or vice versa, just replace them… they fit!
  • For Our Systems the Rams or Shafts Can Be Either the Mobile Component, Allowing the Work or “Business End” Into a Much Smaller Footprint, or They Can Be the Fixed Component, depending upon your design
  • Our Rams… Especially Those That Are Square … Can Be Machined With Unique Features That Many Other Brands Can’t (or Won’t) Provide Such As: Slots / Drilled & Tapped Holes / Bored Holes / Special Forms, Etc.
  • If maintaining a specific centerline is not a concern for your application, then another advantage Turnomat Turcite B bearings have over many other fluoropolymer coated bearings is that our bonded laminate has a typical wear thickness of 0.050 IN. plus. This allows a substantial operational advantage with the simple adjustment of a few screws to address any wear in the bearing surface. This can be done as long as the shaft maintains it’s proper surface finish.
  • When purchasing a complete Turnomat “housed” bearing system, i.e. BUS /BUR or DT, the unit comes labeled with a unique, traceable, serial number. This can be referenced for future purchases, maintenance information, or ISO traceability requirements.
  • With our physical location adjacent to our parent company, Provident Tool & Die, Inc., we have immediate access to most machining procedures that one might require if wanting to modify any one of our standard linear components. This has been a major benefit to a number of our customers who have had need of modifications to housings, bearings, or rams for a number of reasons.