Dovetail Housing Assembly

Turnomat Fixed Linear Motion Bearings and Slides - Edwardsburg, Michigan


dovetail Recirculating Ball Bearing GibsA low profile, Three Surface Linear Bearing with Replaceable, preload adjustable, Recirculating Ball Bearing Gibs provide limited twist, shake, and play with no binding and travel only limited to the OAL of the shaft..

These are Heavy-Duty Slides available in six different sizes.

All Slides are equipped with Seals which offer maximum protection and extremely long wear life.

Features and Benefits

  • Ready for Installation
  • Low Unit Cost ( a fraction of building it yourself )
  • Stroke length only limited to shaft length
  • Very Low Friction Linear Movement
  • Extremely Long Life
  • Exceptional Reliability
  • No Binding
  • Minimal Twist
  • Adjustable Gibs
  • Replaceable Gibs
  • Rugged Construction
  • Versatile
  • Precision Manufacture
  • High Customer Satisfaction


Bearing Housings are precision machined from high grade steel or aluminum and finished all over. They are designed for rigidity and strength. Ball Bearing Gib bases are hardened and precision ground to provide smooth surface for free recirculation of ball bearings. Careful selection of materials, proper heat treatment and 100% inspection and testing insure a high quality of TURNOMAT Linear Bearing Assemblies.

TURNOMAT Linear Bearing Assemblies

Turnomat Dovetail Housing Linear Motion Bearing Assembly

Made in the USA

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