Mountable and/or Interchangeable Turcite Gibs


Mountable and/or Interchangeable Turcite Gibs

Our Turcite bearings or “wear pads”, are a two part unit. The wear pad or bearing surface is a proprietary self lubricating, environmentally durable, PTFE based material. It is bonded to a ground steel base and can be used as a direct bearing replacement in our BUS and BUR housings. It can also, in most cases (there are a few size restrictions), be drilled and countersunk in the same manner as our “mountable” BP bearings.

These Turcite bearings work especially well under heavy loads, at slower lineal speeds and in dirtier environments. They have been used extensively in mining equipment, paper mills, and wire processing.

For more information on Turcite please go to our “Wear Plates Page” under “Quality Products” and click on “Download Turcite PDF“.

If you have a question about application, please feel free to consult us.

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