Wear Plates for Linear Bearings and Slides

In place of ball bearing gibs, wear plates made of self lubricating Bronze or Turcite®, have the same overall dimensions as their corresponding Ball Bearing counterpart.

Bronze: Download Ampco PDF

Ampco 18
The primary Ampco alloy for heavy duty applications involving wear, abrasion and fatigue, where the absence of nickel in its composition significantly reduces the risk of mechanical abrasion with mating steel surfaces.

This is the material of choice for wear plates, bearings, tie bar nuts, gears, worm- wheels, tube bending tools,wiper dies and similar applications.

Ampco 18 is readily machined and should be used in critical situations where it is essential to avoid unnecessary down-time or damage to moving steel parts.

The mechanical properties of Ampco 18 can be enhanced by special heat-treatments devised by Ampco Metal to meet specific customer demands for higher impact resistance or resistance to distortion, especially applicable to the aviation and steel production sectors.

Turcite®: Download Turcite PDF

Turcite® is a proprietary material from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Low Friction. A unique property is the very low static coefficient of friction of Turcite®, which results in extremely low breakout friction. Turcite® materials do not adhere to their mating surfaces, eliminating any worries about stick-slip in dynamic applications.

Typical applications for this material would include bearings with maximum continuous service temperature of 180°F. Some examples are: chip handling equipment, printers, conveyors, bicycles, packaging equipment and food processing equipment. Turcite® A is excellent when wear resistance is a priority.

Turcite® bearings have been specified to run in corrosive environments such as formaldehyde, natural gas, turpentine and amyl alcohol.

Key Properties:

  • Very low friction for reduced power loss
  • No stick-slip for positional accuracy / control
  • Good specific bearing loads
  • Low wear for long life
  • Excellent chemical resistance / fluid compatibility
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Absorbs vibration during machining

Typical Applications:

  • Cams and cam followers
  • Bearings
  • Rollers
  • Valve seats
  • Insulators
  • Liners

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