This page will contain Frequently Asked Questions that will help you learn more about Turnomat Configurable and Fixed Linear Motion Bearings and Slides. If you have a question or have a unique need, please contact us by clicking here and speaking to a Turnomat representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum length of a shaft or ram, that you can provide?
A: At this time we are limited to 39 inches.

Q: Can we use our own shafting?
A: You can, but the “material” “size” and “surface condition” are all key factors as to whether you will be successful or not. Our rams are hardened 1018 steel (58-62 RC to 0.050 in. deep) and ground to an 8-12 rms finish. Their sides are perpendicular to within 0.0003 in. per inch and straight to within 0.0020 in. per foot. Our bearing systems within their respective housings are adjustable and, therefore slightly larger shafting can be used on a case by case basis. Material hardness of your shaft will affect the potential load as well as the wearability. We have often been asked about the use of aluminum shafting – especially tubing. In a few cases this may work, but only with Turcite type bearings – not ball type. The aluminum is just too soft to provide a long lasting bearing surface. Condition of the surface is also of prime concern. Too rough and the “action” of the bearing will be affected negatively … especially in the case of our Turcite bearings where premature wear may also occur. In any case, call us before you make a decision and we will give you as much advice as we can.

Q: Can you provide us with a “special size” of a Turnomat style bearing?
A: No. Our family of various “recirculating ball” type bearings have programmed patterns with matching counterpart components. It would be cost prohibitive to do so. However, we can, in many cases, come very close in size and provide additional components like matching shims to bring a bearing to a particular height or thickness etc., all at an additional price if so desired.

Q: What do you recommend for lubrication of your bearings?
A: We use and recommend “LPS-2” which is a very light, rust inhibiting, lubricant.

Q: When should I consider a “Turcite” (PTFE material) style Turnomat linear bearing over one utilizing the “recirculating ball” pattern?
A: Both of these styles of bearing work very well and are priced similarly; however, while the “recirculating ball” style may be slightly “more free” in it’s ”action” , the Turcite bearing works much more robustly in dirty, dusty, wet environments. We have sold a number of these to folks in the mining and processing industries.

Q: At this time (2-26-2015) and having owned the Turnomat business for over 4 years in northwestern Indiana, why do you still have a NY area code and phone number?
A: We have done so, to lessen any burden of the move from New York to Indiana under the new ownership, on our existing customer base of nearly 50 years. We may, in the future, consider a change, but it will not be for a while yet.