DT500 – 2500: Assembly / Adjustment

If purchasing a DT500 thru 2500 – CA (Complete Assembly .. Hsg. / Brg.’s & Ram), the bearings are preset to the shaft/ram included.

Rams have been removed to protect the bearings during shipment.

In order to REASSEMBLE ram into it’s housing (bearings are already in place): Position ram so that the label with “—>” is pointed in the same direction as “—>” label on the housing.

Cautiously pull bearing retainment insert package (cardboard and plastic tube assembly) out about 1/3 the length of the first set of side bearings located within the angled portions of the housing. Note that each series of DT units have different quantities and sizes of bearings on the “sides” and “bases” of the “saddle” or housing. In the case of the DT50 and 750 units, each has one singular bearing per side. In the case of the DT1000 thru 2500 there are multiple side bearings. Do not pull the insert beyond 1/3 of the first set! Doing so will allow the bearings to fall out of position and make reassembly more difficult and possibly increase necessity for readjustment.

Upon doing this, begin sliding the ram into the housing up to the insert. Once there, advance the ram slowly while simultaneously pulling out the insert.

If for any reason, this procedure fails and the bearings fall out of their position in the housing, align them back with their corresponding green dots. Note that you will probably have to remove the PTFE wipers using an allen wrench to see these dots.

At this point, or if the ram’s movement is too loose or too tight for your application, you will need to adjust the bearings slightly. Using an allen wrench, loosen or tighten – depending upon need- the (4) set screws on the angled side bearings. These are visible at the top of the housing and are marked with green dots. DO NOT move any of the “retaining” screws which are marked with red dots. There will be one of these for each bearing, so depending upon the series, there could be from 3 to 10.

Please Note:

Our “Ball” versions of linear bearings (those denoted with “BB”) are pre -lubricated, but require periodical lubrication depending upon use. We use and recommend LPS-2 Heavy Duty Spray.

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